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The highs and lows of cryptocurrency in 2022 - all you need to know

Crypto adoption was remarkable in 2022 as more heavyweight financial institutions embraced cryptocurrencies. Yet, hacks and scams involving cryptocurrencies increased dramatically. In response, authorities are taking serious steps towards stricter and increased regulations.

But what is really going on?

  • Massive downward trend in the value of funds moving between illicit marketplaces and low-risk exchanges

    2022 saw a reduction of 22% on last year’s value of funds moving from illicit marketplaces to low-risk exchanges

  • Ren accounted for nearly 50% of all funds sent from sanctioned entity types

    There is a general trend towards high-risk peer-to-peer services interacting with sanctioned entity types, specifically the Ren Bridge services

  • Increase in the value of funds moving between illicit sources

    In 2022 there was a 15% increase in funds sent to the darknet from other illicit sources

No matter the weather, we at Crystal have an important role in championing a transparent blockchain industry and ensuring a safer crypto future through delivering trusted data and analytics to facilitate innovation, stifle financial crime and enable the safe adoption of digital assets

Marina Khaustova

Marina Khaustova

CEO, Crystal Blockchain

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