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Ensure your cryptocurrency company's compliance procedures always meet regulatory requirements

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Supported Cryptocurrencies & Tokens

ERC20 tokens
ERC721 tokens

Real-time Risk Reporting:

Through sophisticated algorithmic learning, Crystal trains the system to provide the best risk-assessment for enterprise compliance procedures.

Compliance with Regulations:

Updated to comply with new regulations eg. FATF & 5AMLD and provides platform viewability in local currencies incl. EURO & USD.

Evidence-based & Interoperable:

Customizable historical data logging data retrieval updated in real-time. Combinable with third-party information for optimal compliance.

Robust and Scalable:

Powered to manage escalation for large case volumes while maintaining efficiency in data analysis for virtual asset service providers.

Use Cases

Crypto analytics insights


Darknet Use and Bitcoin — A Crypto Activity Report by Crystal Blockchain

This report by Crystal Blockchain analytics reviews the use of bitcoin by darknet entities. The report analyzes darknet interactions with exchanges and other entities throughout the first quarter of 2020 and …

by the Crystal analytics team

May 19, 2020


Historical Data Shows Crypto Exchange Dynamics Influenced By Regulatory Changes

To investigate the effects of new regulation on the cryptocurrency market, as well as the extent virtual asset service providers will be affected by the changes, the Crystal™ Blockchain analytics team has issued an …

by the Crystal analytics team

May 05, 2020

Product Update

Configurable Alerts and New API Endpoint for Pre-Transfer Checks

In the latest update to the Crystal Blockchain platform, version 2.13, we have updated our alert settings and developed a new API endpoint for withdrawal transaction transfers

by the Crystal development team

Apr 30, 2020

Product Update

New Crystal Features: Geographical Attribution, New Clustering Algorithm, Real-Time Risk Scoring, & Slack Notifications

In the latest update to the Crystal Blockchain platform, version 2.12, clients now have access to a whole host of new features that enhance compliance and due diligence requirements

by the Crystal development team

Apr 03, 2020

Product Update

Crystal Analytics Now Supports Tether

Several features have just been added to the Crystal Blockchain platform including Tether (USDT) support

by the Crystal development team

Feb 17, 2020

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