FATF Guidelines

Utilize Crystal analytics platform to strengthen your AML and CFT procedures as per the FATF Red Flag Indicators Report
What is the risk-based approach to virtual assets recommended by the FATF?
Scope of guidance
The risk-based approach to counteracting money-laundering and terrorism-financing applies to all direct and indirect virtual asset service providers
National coordination
The international success of this approach will have a lot to do with the regulatory procedures put in place at a local and regional level
Mitigating ML/ FT risk
The guidance set out by the FATF recommends first understanding and then mitigating risk by means of transparency and regulatory co-operation
Ongoing monitoring
As theft and fraud in the blockchain industry increases, consistent monitoring and risk-assessing is required to combat illicit activity
How Crystal enables Red Flag Indicator ML and FT monitoring for VASPs
Technological features that increase anonymity
These features are given a high-risk score on the Crystal platform due to lack of transparency
Geographical risks
With Crystal's monitoring system, as well as it's fund flows map, VASPs can assess the risk of funds received/ sent to certain geographies
Transaction patterns
Crystals analytics platform, along with heuristic analysis by the team, allows for effective assessment of suspicious transaction patterns
Transaction size
The notifications system on the Crystal platform can be customized to raise alerts on unusual transaction sizes by particular addresses
Sender or recipient profiles of funds or wealth
The combination of algorithmic risk-scoring as well as heuristic assessment of entities allows for a better understanding of sender/ recipient profiles and their sources of wealth
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