New Functionalities to Identify Suspicious Activity

Nov 22, 2019

Crystal CEO Marina Khaustova and Head of Product Kyrylo Chykhradze will showcase the latest Crystal analytics features and show you how you can make them work for your business.

The team will walk you through all the latest updates to the Monitor feature and the Case Management system, and how to analyze Litecoin, the latest coin added to Crystal analytics.

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RiskConnect Nov 20, 2019

Crystal CEO, Marina Khaustova will speak at RiskConnect in Warsaw on Nov. 20, 14:45 about the process of identifying suspicious cryptocurrency transactions.

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Crypto DeFiance Nov 16, 2019

Crystal CEO, Marina Khaustova will also speak at Crypto DeFiance on Nov. 16 about “Blockchain Analytics against financial fraud and money laundering” in Singapore.

Crypto DeFiance
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Blockshow Asia Nov 14, 2019

In Singapore, Crystal CEO, Marina Khaustova will speak at Blockshow Asia about collective guarding against fraud on Nov. 14 at 2:35 pm (Stage Two).

Blockshow Asia
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The.Meetup Exchanges Nov 14, 2019

Kyrylo Chykhradze, Head of Product for Crystal Blockchain, will attend The Meetup Exchanges on Nov. 14 to discuss the development and improvement of the crypto-exchange industry.

The.Meetup Exchanges
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SF Blockchain Week Oct 28, 2019

The Crystal Blockchain sales team will be attending SF Blockchain Week on Monday, October 28th. Contact Crystal if you’d like to set up a meeting with Mark or Chris on the day.

SF Blockchain Week
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Crystal CEO, Marina Khaustova will be speaking at Barcelona Blockchain Week on Friday, October 25th! Get in touch.

Barcelona Blockchain Week
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The Head of Product for Crystal Blockchain, Kyrylo Chykhradze, will host a workshop about how to identify money laundering and other illegal activities on October 14th, and will speak on the panel "Stop Crime in Asia Free Trade Zones" on October 15th.

40th Crime Stoppers International Conference
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We are gearing up for a busy fall! In September, the Crystal team:

  • Attended the CoinDesk Invest: Asia conference and BlockchainUA
  • Announced strategic partnerships with PrimeXBT and B2Broker
  • Updated the platform to include advanced monitoring and Litecoin support
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Identifying Suspicious Transactions & Money Laundering Activity in Crypto

Oct 02, 2019

This webinar is ideal for those in financial compliance or analytical positions, and for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) or VASP-adjacents who wish to educate themselves on due diligence procedures. We’ll also talk about the most recent addition of Litecoin analytics to the Crystal platform.
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