Crystal Blockchain Platform Version 2.0 Adds Ethereum Blockchain Support

Apr 01, 2019

Crystal analytics platform version 2.0 has just announced added support for Ethereum. Users can now track many addresses on the Ethereum blockchain, retrieving data and analyzing suspicious looking transactions. See the full press-release for more info.

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CodeGate 2019 conference, Seoul

Mar 25, 2019

Crystal analytics team is going to the CodeGate2019 conference in Seoul. Kyrylo Chykhradze, the Head of Product, will demonstrate how to use the platform for investigation into cyber attacks related to cryptocurrencies.

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ISS MEA, Dubai

Mar 11, 2019

Marina Khaustova, CEO, and Kyrylo Chykhradze, Head of Product, attended ISS World MEA, Dubai, the world's largest gathering of professionals in information security, law enforcement, intelligence, and financial crime investigation.

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We are delighted to introduce the Crystal Newsletter, a new monthly update on Crystal news and developments.

In this issue:

  • We were joined by Marina Khaustova as our CEO
  • New Crystal features
  • Rebranded Crystal logo and website
  • New Investigation report
  • Collaboration news
  • Crystal videos
  • Crystal in the news
Read the full newsletter.
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The Crystal analytics platform has just rolled out a new feature - the Activity tracking feature. It enables users who need to monitor the activity of a certain address or set of addresses over a longer time period.
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On Dec. 27, 2018, the bitcoin wallet Electrum notified users about a phishing attack that was targeting users through malicious servers. At that point, the alleged hacker(s) had already stolen more than 245 BTC.
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The Crystal analytics platform engineering team completed an in-depth analysis of the movement of bitcoin from the Bithumb exchange after its hack in June 2018. The attack resulted in the loss of $31 million, with 2,016 BTC lost.
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The Crystal analytics platform engineering team tracked the movement of bitcoin from the Zaif exchange after its hack in September 2018. On September 18, the exchange reported to the police that it had been hacked.
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The Bitfury Group have released version 1.60 of the Crystal analytics platform adding analytical support for Bitcoin Cash. As a result, many Bitcoin Cash entities and addresses are now available on the database. Read full announcement at the link above.
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