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by Crystal analytics team

June 17, 2021

Darknet interactions & bitcoin — a crypto activity analysis for May 2021

An analysis of current darknet entities and their interactions with other entity types in Q1...

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by the Crystal analytics team

June 16, 2021

Rising instances of digital ransomware (using bitcoin) & how to deal with them

Tracking cryptocurrency transactions accurately from the victim to the illicit entity is key to dealing...

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Product Update

by the Crystal development team

May 28, 2021

Ver. 3.8: Transfer Push Notifications & A New User Guide Platform

  In the latest product update, Crystal has added push notifications, created a new user...

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by the Crystal analytics team

May 19, 2021

NFTs: the good, the bad, and the artful scammers

How NFTs could become a new opportunity for crypto-criminals – if we’re not careful. An...

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