Added P2P Risk Categories With Improved Search & Monitor Tools

by the Crystal development team

Nov 26, 2020

New Exchange Risk Categories

From the latest release, we will be upgrading the exchange categories on the platform to enhance configurability, and to strengthen compliance procedures for Crystal users.

We are introducing two new category types for peer-to-peer (p2p) exchanges based on their KYC/ AML policies:

  1. P2P Exchange With High ML Risk – p2p exchanges that allow the withdrawal of more than $1000 in crypto daily without KYC/ AML procedures.
  2. P2P Exchange With Low ML Risk – p2p exchanges that require KYC/ AML identification for all deposits and withdrawals.

For Crystal API Users, the new categories will be as follows

  • p2p_exchange_mlrisk_high
  • p2p_exchange_mlrisk_low

For those using Crystal API for integration, please update your software accordingly

Global Monitor Dashboard

This month we are introducing the Global Monitor Dashboard. This dashboard provides an overview of transfers added to the monitor along with basic statistics about those transfers. This feature will provide connections for all transfers.

Users can configure time periods and the currencies on the dashboard. The global monitor dashboard will also provide a graph of transfers by volume (for each flagging grade and for all grades combined), as well as the distribution of transfers between currencies.

This feature is useful for high-level estimations of all transfers where a service has participated in those transfers over a certain period of time.

Improved Connections Visualization

We have added connections for addresses/entities to the visualization feature. So now, if users open address/ entity details, they can now view the diagram of connections. Users can add the shortest path to the entity from the list by clicking on a single button.

This feature is designed to make investigations faster and more convenient, allowing users to build various paths on the same visual canvas.

Global Search and Labelling

In the latest update, Crystal introduces the Global Search feature along with Global Labels onto the dashboard. In this way, searches will be performed for all currencies at the same time, making the user experience that much easier. Bookmarks for all available currencies will also be available within the same table, so there will be no need to switch between different currencies when searching and viewing saved labels.

Users no longer need to switch between currencies on the platform, making navigation that much faster.

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New Crystal Features: Geographical Attribution, New Clustering Algorithm, Real-Time Risk Scoring, & Slack Notifications

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Crystal™ Blockchain Analytics Supports Litecoin

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Crystal™ Blockchain Analytics August Update

This month we released several new features and updated our product roadmap as we tackle cryptocurrency compliance issues.

by the Crystal development team

Sep 05, 2019

Crystal’s Configurable Risk Score Feature

Our brand new Configurable Risk Scoring feature introduces now allows all users to customize their AML risk scoring preferences when using our proprietary risk-scoring algorithm.

by the Crystal development team

Aug 08, 2019

Crystal’s Advanced Case Management Solution

Our analytics platform now includes an Advanced Case Management System for multi-account onboarding, tracking, and monitoring. This system designed with our corporate clients in mind.

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Jul 04, 2019

Enhanced Notifications, Connections, and Tracking

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May 30, 2019

Added ERC-20 & ERC-721 token support

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by the Crystal development team

Feb 03, 2019

Crystal Blockchain Expands Coverage with Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

The Bitfury Group have released version 1.60 of the Crystal analytics platform adding analytical support for Bitcoin Cash. As a result, many Bitcoin Cash entities and addresses are now available on the database. Read full announcement at the link above.

by the Crystal development team

Oct 22, 2018