New Crystal Features: Geographical Attribution, New Clustering Algorithm, Real-Time Risk Scoring, & Slack Notifications

by the Crystal development team

Apr 03, 2020

1. Geographical Attribution

Users can now view the (potential) location of a transaction through IP address analysis, improving the quality of digital asset compliance checks (based on geo-segregation) for key institutions, exchanges and agencies.


2. Real-Time Risk Scoring

A risk score will now be assigned once a transaction enters the Mempool, meaning you can see the risk score value for unconfirmed transactions as well. This means our users can analyze the risk of a transaction even before it is entered into the blockchain.

3. New Clustering Algorithm

We are delighted to release our updated clustering algorithm.

With this new feature enabled, we can now increase coverage capabilities by dozens of millions of addresses, as well as decrease the number of false positives.

4. Slack API

Our customers will now be able to receive notifications from Monitor and Cases not only via email and the API, but also via Slack - making notifications more visible and manageable for our users and their teams.

Crystal clients will now be able to get notifications via Slack when any transfer triggers the alert or when any address of interest changes its balance or risk score. We’ll be adding more features in the coming weeks and months to improve the user experience.

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