June Crystal Blockchain updates:

  • Released our Advanced Case Management Solution upgrade.
  • Announced a new collaboration between Crystal Blockchain and ITI Funds
  • Published a video on the Zaif exchange hack Crystal investigation.
  • Hosted a Money 20/20 meetup and attended the Blockchain Expo
  • Officially launched our Partner Program.
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In May, the Crystal team:

  • Attended several of the world’s largest blockchain events, including Consensus, New York Blockchain Week & the Malta Blockchain Summit.
  • Released Version 2.2 of the Crystal platform.
  • Investigated and reported on the Binance and DragonEx hacks.
  • Published articles on Financial Auditing and Ethereum Risk-Scoring.
  • Officially launched the Crystal Partner Program.
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Highlights from this issue:

  • Crystal analytics updates: ERC-20 and ERC-721 token support and more.
  • Expanded coverage of labelled addresses in Crystal database.
  • Crystal analytics team at the London Blockchain Expo.
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This month we are proud to release the latest version of the Crystal analytics platform, now with Ethereum blockchain support!
Other news in this issue:

  • Collaboration with Hancom Secure
  • Events of the month
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We are delighted to introduce the Crystal Newsletter, a new monthly update on Crystal news and developments.

In this issue:

  • We were joined by Marina Khaustova as our CEO
  • New Crystal features
  • Rebranded Crystal logo and website
  • New Investigation report
  • Collaboration news
  • Crystal videos
  • Crystal in the news
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