Professional Insights
on Cryptocurrency Transactions

Crystal™ analytics platform provides a comprehensive view of the public blockchain and uses advanced analytics and data scraping to map transactions and related entities.

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CRYSTAL FOR Capital Markets

CRYSTAL FOR Law Enforcement

If you are:

Crypto-exchange service company

A banking structure

An HFT company or a crypto hedge fund

Crystal can help your company:

Comply with AML/CFT regulations when dealing with cryptocurrencies

Build automated, evidence-based KYC procedures

Keep client data secure

Integrate cryptocurrency analytics into your operations

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Comply with AML/CTF Regulations

Integrate Crystal analytics with existing AML/CTF procedures and mitigate risks of dealing with blacklisted coins.

Build Automated, Evidence-based KYC Procedures

Improve your KYC/KYT tools with Crystal blockchain and crypto-asset due diligence.

Keep Client Data Secure

Deploy Crystal Pro in your corporate IT infrastructure to keep all sensitive data within the secure network perimeter. Crystal Pro uses only an incoming stream of data from the blockchain and sends no data outside.

Integrate Cryptocurrency Analytics Into Your Operations
  • Crystal Express is available online as a web-application.
  • Crystal API is used for integration of the blockchain analytics data with third party analytical tools.
  • Crystal Pro is deployed on your in-house IT infrastructure.
Tracking Ransomware Payments
Cloud Mining or Ponzi Scheme?

Crystal efficiently tracked payments from the victims of the WannaCry virus. It took four days for the virus to spread across 150 countries - it took Crystal only 3 hours to locate the online entity extorting payments from the affected users.

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With Crystal, companies can prove the purity of their cryptocurrency funds.

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It is often difficult for users to know whether a mining service is trustworthy. Read on to see how Crystal can be used for due diligence before signing up for a mining service.

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See the Crystal in the capital market page to learn more.