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Product Update

Transfer Push Notifications & A New User Guide Platform

by the Crystal analytics team

May 28, 2021

Push Notifications

In this release we are introducing push notifications for the Crystal monitoring tool. This new feature will allow users to receive API requests about changes of transfer status or changes to the alert riskiness grade, along with a complete list of transfer details.

NOTE: For this to work correctly, the user needs to configure the URL where the API notification will be sent to, and then they’ll need to specify the API key.

Push notifications will be sent to the user when:

  1. the transfer alert grade is changed,
  2. when a transfer is flagged for the first time, or
  3. when the transfer is calculated after a delay (the status will then change from update/pending to ready) depending on the user’s settings.

Notifications will contain a list of the transfers that follow the conditions set in settings.

This new push notification feature will be very useful for KYC officers as it allows them to readily receive notifications directly to their internal software, 24/7.

“Multiple Customers” on Visualization

In this release we have upgraded our visualization tool to allow the user to add several different customers at the same time to the Crystal canvas.

This upgrade allows KYC officers to investigate several customers at once, and it also allows users to find any connections that are to be made between these customers.

New User Guide Platform

We have introduced Crystal Wiki and have migrated the User Guide there (NOTE: this link is password protected and accessible to Crystal users only). This change will make user operations with the guide more convenient, will allow new users to learn faster, and will make it easier for users to get acquainted with new platform features after each release.

These regular updates are why our customers keep coming back to the Crystal platform.

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