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Digital Asset, Blockchain Industry & Crime Trend Predictions 2023/4

The Crystal Blockchain Intelligence team made their predictions for how crypto crime, the blockchain industry & regulations will unfold during 2023. This report is for policymakers, investigators and compliance professionals looking to understand the crypto risk landscape in 2023. In it, we share how we expect criminal activity to develop in response to enforcement actions, legislation, and other forms of disruption.
We will revisit this report throughout the year to see if our predictions are true and put right where we may get it wrong.

Geography of Transactions

Our international blockchain transactions report covers the flow and dynamics of bitcoin funds from 2015 to the current day.

Conti leaks

The recent Conti internal data leaks have led to previously inaccessible findings on the inner workings of a modern-day criminal network. Read the insights by our investigations and analytics team.

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