Crystal School of Crypto Compliance and Investigations

Learn everything about crypto compliance and investigations from Crystal’s expert team. Understand how to investigate multi-blockchain transactions, monitor and track cryptocurrencies for potential risk, and build visualizations to support investigations.

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Cert Crypto Asset Essentials

Crystal Certified Crypto Asset Essentials

LEVEL: Beginner

This course is designed for those new to blockchain and cryptocurrency. It will provide you with an understanding of the core concepts of cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology, and the basics of crypto risk management.

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Cert Crypto Compliance MasterClass

Crystal Certified Crypto Compliance Masterclass

LEVEL: Intermediate

This course is a deep dive into cryptocurrency risk management designed for compliance practitioners who wish to understand trends, typologies, and tooling. It will help organizations establish effective risk management frameworks to meet regulatory requirements.

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Meet the expert team leading Crystal’s training

Marina new image

Marina Khaustova

Chief Executive Officer
Hedi’s Image

Hedi Navazan

Head of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs
Nick (1)

Nick Smart

Director of Blockchain Intelligence

Jonathan Williams

Associate Director of Investigations
Cert Crypto Research & Investigation Specialist

Crystal Certified Crypto Research & Investigation Specialist

LEVEL: Advanced

Designed for investigators, law enforcement, compliance professionals, and regulators with existing crypto knowledge, this course will teach you to investigate crypto transactions and follow funds. You will learn how to create visualizations of interactions with bad actors and how to produce evidence to support investigations.

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Cert crypto Master Class for C-Suite

Crystal Certified Crypto MasterClass for C-Suite

This short, intensive course is designed specifically for
C-suite executives to gain a comprehensive overview of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. It will help you make informed decisions on the risks associated with blockchain payments and crypto related businesses.

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Discover how Crystal's training courses help investigators, financial institutions and enforcement agencies understand and act on blockchain data to track the flow of illicit funds.