Crystal is the result of development by Bitfury

Crystal was developed by the Bitfury Group’s software team. We are world-class blockchain analysts, award-winning mathematicians and professional software developers, united by the idea of leveraging blockchain technology to build a better, safer future. We have been turning this idea into a reality, designing best-in-class blockchain solutions for people all around the world.

Crystal is distributed worldwide by Crystal Blockchain BV, headquartered in Amsterdam.

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Crystal Global

Marina Khaustova


Kyrylo Chykhradze

Head of Product

Chris Dickson

Head of Sales

Dmitry Kalichkin

Product Advisor

Pavlo Mishchenko

Head of R&D, Co-founder

Rachel Pipan

Senior Communications Manager

Crystal US

Michael DuBose

Crystal Blockchain Inc., President

Mark Blackman

Product Advisor

Jasper Jones

Lead Sales Engineer

Advisory Board

Valery Vavilov

Founder and CEO of Bitfury Group

George Kikvadze

Executive Vice Chairman, Bitfury Group

Alex Botezatu

Head of Bitfury Labs

Marat Kichikov

Managing Partner of Bitfury Capital

Marc Taverner

Global Ambassador, Market Development of Bitfury Group

John Mercurio

Acting Chief Communications Officer of Bitfury Group

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