Blockchain Unpacked

Blockchain Unpacked is a videocast and podcast series hosted by Jason Boud of RegTech Associates and Crystal Blockchain’s Marina Khaustova. 

Every month, with our special guests, we explore the real-world impact of criminal activity beyond the blockchain. We look at innovation, regulation, technology and much more as we share the latest news, trends and predictions.


Latest Podcast Episodes

“Crypto isn’t going away… the underlying technology is a game changer.”
“If firms lack the funds to do KYC, they probably lack the funds to do business.”
“Blockchain Analytics solutions are like a gift from the gods.”
“How investigators leverage blockchain analytics technology.”
“Why is it so complicated for VASPS to comply with the Travel Rule?”
“Be bold and learn.”
“Compliance is an opportunity, rather than an obligation.”
“Blockchain analytics are a game-changer in tech innovation and crime prevention.”

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