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Our expert team provides investigation services and reports for those looking to protect their assets and reputation in relation to hacks, scams, and ransomware attacks on the blockchain.

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We work with private and public sectors to trace suspicious crypto transactions and uncover real-world identities. We also prepare a range of reports for audits, KYC, compliance, and cyber security incidents.

Image Recover lost or stolen crypto assets

Recover lost or stolen crypto assets

We help individuals, businesses, and law enforcement agencies to trace, and recover lost or stolen cryptocurrencies. Our experts in blockchain forensics can unravel complex transactions, identify suspicious addresses, and provide actionable insights to assist in asset recovery efforts.

Image Link transactions to real-world entities

Link transactions to real-world entities

We can link pseudonymous blockchain transactions to real-world entities to reveal and identify real-world organizations or individuals. Our detailed reports, complete with clear visuals which illustrate the flow of transactions, will help you see how activities and transactions are linked to the big picture.

Image Build evidence for legal cases

Build evidence for legal cases

We provide expert witness testimony and evidential statements related to blockchain analysis for use in criminal and civil legal cases. We adapt our services on a case-by-case basis and prioritize confidentiality and security.

Crystal Read Crystal's Crypto, DeFi Hacks & Scams Report

Read Crystal's Crypto, DeFi Hacks & Scams Report

Discover the largest hacks, scams and security breaches involving crypto and DeFi that have taken place since 2011 in our comprehensive report.

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Yuriy Vykhodets

Yuriy Vykhodets

Head of Cyber Police, Ukraine

"This year has been unprecedented for the number of crypto-related fraud cases. But we are pleased that our collaboration with Crystal has closed over 50% of our active investigations."

Investigative Services

  • Asset recovery services
  • Criminal investigation intelligence reports
  • Evidential Statements and Expert Witness Testimony available on request
  • Data attribution available for cases
  • Cyber security incident support for ransomware negotiation and tracing

Intelligence Reports

  • Cryptocurrency transaction flow analysis
  • Ongoing darknet and illicit activity monitoring
  • Customized bulk blockchain data requests
  • Geographical analysis
  • Proof of Source and Destination of Funds analysis


  • Compliance Framework Review
  • Regulatory requirements analysis and research
  • Integrity risk analysis of customers
  • Risk reports for cyber incident insurers

Our customers & partners

Albert Quehenberger

Albert Quehenberger

CEO, A|Q Forensics

"Working alongside Scott and his team has been a genuine pleasure. Their reports showcase an impressive level of thoroughness, meticulous research, and unwavering professionalism. The depth of their investigations and their unparalleled attention to detail have left a lasting impression."

Crystal Crystal School of Crypto Compliance and Investigations

Crystal School of Crypto Compliance and Investigations

Discover how to investigate blockchain transactions and trace stolen funds.

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Building a better, safer blockchain future

Crystal is a blockchain analytics company building risk management solutions to enable the safe adoption of cryptocurrencies

"Thanks to Crystal’s tool we can easily identify high-risk transactions, investigate them thoroughly, and properly adhere to regulatory requirements for our clients. The level of continuous support and communication with the Crystal Blockchain team remains outstanding!"

George Agathangelou

George Agathangelou

Grant Thornton

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