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Supported Cryptocurrencies & Tokens

ERC20 tokens
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Visualization and Tracking Tools:

Case management solution maintains user-friendly case tracking that has been developed for secure, practical and collaborative use.

Broad Transaction Coverage:

Ensures real-time information across all major blockchains and thousands of entities, currently attributing 90% of all active transactions.

Automated & Evidence-based:

Provides immutable historical data logging with real-time updates and sophisticated risk-assessment. Available through API license.

Focus on Security:

Crystal Pro as an on-premise solution can be deployed in your IT infrastructure that keeps all sensitive data within the secure network perimeter.

Use Cases

Crypto analytics insights

Product Update

V 2.15: Risk Score Profiles, Alert Settings, Customer Connections & Search Logs

In the latest update, the analytics team has improved risk scoring profiles, alert settings, customer connections, and added a search logging solution.

by the Crystal analytics team

Jun 23, 2020


Upbit and Crystal partner to strengthen exchange’s compliance

South Korea-based crypto exchange Upbit will use Crystal analytics to strengthen AML compliance procedures

by the Crystal analytics team

Jun 19, 2020

Use Cases

Use Case: Crystal Investigations for Tracking Ransomware Payments

Crystal efficiently tracked payments from the victims of the WannaCry virus. It took four days for the virus to spread across 150 countries - it took Crystal only 3 hours to locate the online entity extorting …

by the Crystal analytics team

Jun 02, 2020

Use Cases

Use Case: Crystal Investigations for Understanding Ponzi Schemes

It is often difficult for users to know whether a mining service is trustworthy. Read on to see how Crystal can be used for due diligence before signing up for a mining service.

by the Crystal analytics team

Jun 02, 2020

Product Update

Transfer Rechecks, CSV Export Options, and Interaction Alerts

In the latest product update to Crystal analytics, platform users can now configure regular transfer rechecks, download a CSV export file, and create interaction alerts.

by the Crystal development team

May 28, 2020

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