Crypto AML/ CTF Compliance for Banks & Financial Institutions

Integrate Crystal analytics alongside your existing AML/CTF
procedures to effectively manage risk.

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AML/CTF Compliance:

Complies with all existing global and regional legislation eg. FATF & 5AMLD, and has a fast response time to regulatory changes.

Interoperable Solutions:

Adheres to existing banking regulatory requirements for compliance officers. The platform is integrable with in-house tools.

Evidence-based Procedures:

Monitoring system provides an immutable logging solution for historical data that is consistently updated in real-time.

Secure Client Data:

Can be deployed as an on-premise solution in your corporate IT infrastructure to keep all sensitive data within the secure network perimeter.

Use Cases

Crypto analytics insights

2020 Report on Fund Sources for Dormant Bitcoin Addresses

It's been 11 years since the genesis Bitcoin block was created. During these last 11 years, bitcoin has been used for payments, exchange trading, and as a store of value. Not all mined bitcoins move much after …

Crystal Provides Ripple Support & Upgrades Exchange Compliance Categorizations

In July’s platform update, the Crystal analytics team has added support for Ripple currency monitoring, as well as upgrading compliance categorizations for named exchanges.

Bitfury’s Crystal to assist the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation

Bitfury’s Crystal analytics to assist the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation

Crypto Regulation Continues To Progress Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

The Crystal Blockchain analytics team continues its quarterly update to the International Bitcoin Flows Analytics Report that was first compiled back in September 2019. This update takes into account fund flows …

Bitfury Group Brings Crystal Blockchain to India with HumanSTAR*

India's Strategic Advisory Firm, HumanSTAR* to offer Crystal Blockchain Analysis for Indian Law Enforcement Agencies

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