Crystal For DeFi

Crystal’s Compliance Oracle provides decentralized (eg. DeFi and DEX) service providers with a monitoring solution to ensure participant safety and regulatory compliance.

Lack of compliance in The DeFi market is blocking growth:

Compliance Solutions As DeFi Protocols Increase

As DeFi continues to skyrocket, the need for risk management is at an all-time high.

Crystal understands the need for risk mitigation and AML compliance solutions.

Maintaining Stable Growth

CEX / centralized exchange trading volumes= $90b August 2021

DEX / decentralized exchange trading volumes= $77b August 2021

Crystal brings stability to a thriving CEX & DEX economy

Crystal For DeFi Can

  • Provide a bridge for DEXes & DeFi businesses to a compliance solution
  • Help track the source & purity or potential risk of incoming crypto funds
  • Assist DeFi service providers to become compliant ahead of regulations

Crystal Block Explorer is an open search engine for the Bitcoin Blockchain. You can:

Entity icon

Entity Risk Levels Screening

Customer icon

Customer Connections Exposure

Transaction icon

Transaction Patterns Monitoring

Sender icon

Sender & Recipient Information

Geo icon

Geo & Fund Source Assessment

Crime icon

Potential Crypto-Crime Mitigation

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