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Crystal For DeFi

Crystal’s Compliance Oracle provides decentralized (eg. DeFi and DEX) service providers with a monitoring solution to ensure participant safety and regulatory compliance.
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Lack of compliance in The DeFi market is blocking growth:

Compliance Solutions As DeFi Protocols Increase

As DeFi continues to skyrocket, the need for risk management is at an all-time high.

Crystal understands the need for risk mitigation and AML compliance solutions.

Maintaining Stable Growth

CEX / centralized exchange trading volumes= $90b August 2021

DEX / decentralized exchange trading volumes= $77b August 2021

Crystal brings stability to a thriving CEX & DEX economy

Crystal For DeFi Can

Crystal For DeFi Can

  • Provide a bridge for DEXes & DeFi businesses to a compliance solution
  • Help track the source & purity or potential risk of incoming crypto funds
  • Assist DeFi service providers to become compliant ahead of regulations

Crystal Block Explorer is an open search engine for the Bitcoin Blockchain. You can:

Entity icon

Entity Risk Levels Screening

Customer icon

Customer Connections Exposure

Transaction icon

Transaction Patterns Monitoring

Sender icon

Sender & Recipient Information

Geo icon

Geo & Fund Source Assessment

Crime icon

Potential Crypto-Crime Mitigation

Building a better, safer blockchain future

Crystal is a blockchain analytics company building risk management solutions to enable the safe adoption of cryptocurrencies

Thanks to Crystal’s tool we can easily identify high-risk transactions, investigate them thoroughly, and properly adhere to regulatory requirements for our clients. The level of continuous support and communication with the Crystal Blockchain team remains outstanding!

George Agathangelou

George Agathangelou

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